Fundada por Irani Bertolini em 22 de maio de 1978, a TBL completou 40 anos

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About TBL

For a period of 20 years during the 1940s, Eugênio Bertolini, the father of Irani Bertolini, provided freight transport services for the artisinal wine industry in Garibaldi and Bento Gonçalves - Rio Grande do Sul state.

Founding the company on May 22, 1978 Irani Bertolini continued this legacy and passed it down to future generations.

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Message from the President

"It was because we believed in the progress of Northern Brazil that we founded Transportes Bertolini Ltda in 1978. Since then, we have continued to invest without frustrating our expectations.

Our goal of playing a leading role in the development of Amazon Forest has placed us in the company of pioneering firms.

The continuous improvement of our work procedures aims to identify client needs and offer alternatives.

This site provides a picture of who we are and what we do."

Irani Bertolini
CEO and President
Founder of Transportes Bertolini Ltda


Many of the facts recorded on the timeline precede the date on which TBL was founded. These facts link the initiatives and individuals that contributed towards this venture.


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