Fundada por Irani Bertolini em 22 de maio de 1978, a TBL completou 40 anos

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Four preventive and corrective maintenance workshops, loacted in Manaus, Belém, Garulhos and Bento Gonçalves, ensure continued transit of the road transport fleet. For other Transportes Bertolini Ltda. branches, support workshops carry out minor repairs on vehicles passing through their units.

The long distances traveled on road routes and delivery deadlines stipulated under contract are strong motivators for the mechanics.

TBL GRU - Guarulhos - SP

Street Nova Guataporanga, 366
Neighborhood Cumbica
Zip Code 07180-050

Phone: (11) 2482.8000 / (11) 2108.6000

TBL MAO - Manaus - AM

Street Raimundo Nonato de Castro, 260
Neighborhood Santo Agostinho
Zip Code 69036-790 - Post office box 1377

Phone: (92) 2125.1000

TBL BEL - Belém - PA

Rodovia Arthur Bernardes, Km 14, 6971
Neighborhood Telégrafo Sem Fio
Zip Code 66115-000

Phone: (91) 4006.5100

TBL BGV - Bento Gonçalves - RS

Street Joaquim Toniollo, 500
Neighborhood São Vendelino
Zip Code 95707-498

Phone: (54) 3455.1111 / (54) 2102.3000

Routes used

Vehicles in transit have support points available located at strategic sites along the routes.

The routes highlighted on the map are those taken by the long-distance road transport fleet.


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