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Located in the cities of Manaus, Santarém, Belém , Macapá, Juruti, Pargominas and Porto Velho are the main ports catering to the water transportation fleet.

Manaus - Amazonas

Port located on the margins of the Rio Negro

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Belém - Pará

Located on the margins of the Belém Port, between Icoaraci and Ilha da Barra.

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Santarém - Pará

Port situated on the margins of Rio Tapajós

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Macapá - Amapá

Port located on the margins of Rio Matapi

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Floating Port

Access ramp to the floating port with simultaneous operation of a storage barge and a barge with semi-trailers. A tugboat waits to the side.

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Water Transport Routes

Water transport routes used by the convoys are in the Amazon Basin and involve specific travel times that differ in the number of kilometers traveled in accordance with the the speed of the water and and the river's characteristics.


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