Fundada por Irani Bertolini em 22 de maio de 1978, a TBL completou 40 anos

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The water transport fleet comprising the BERTOLINI convoys are built at the BECONAL shipyard - Bertolini Construção Naval da Amazônia Ltda, the largest in the northern region of Brazil.

Barges, tugboats, tourism vessels and boat-thrusters are among the equipment manufactured at the shipyard.


The structure of tugboats differ in structure depending on the manner of construction and power in order to adapt to the rivers in which they are used.


SW barges (floating storage), oil barges, grain storage units and other types of barges are produced at the BECONAL shipyard.

Water Transport Routes

Water transport routes used by the convoys are in the Amazon Basin and involve specific travel times that differ in the number of kilometers traveled in accordance with the the speed of the water and and the river's characteristics.


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