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ECO - Eco Logística Ltda.

Transporting full loads does not require transshipment terminals and the merchandise generally only circulates between the shipper and the recipient. To that end, a dedicated fleet of trucks from Logística Transporte de Cargas Ltda. is always available on the roads that interconnect Brazilian economic centers. With the aim of reducing administrative and operating costs, we also receive logistical support from other BERTOLINI companies.

Headquarter: Manaus - AM
Street Raimundo Nonato de Castro, nº 01, Galpão B
Neighborhood Santo Agostinho
Manaus - AM - Zip Code: 69037-140

CNPJ: 01.903.750/0001-36
State Registration No.: 04.216.886-4
Phone: (92) 3671-0969

Branch: Belém - PA
Rodovia Arthur Bernardes, nº 6971, KM 14 Sala 01
Neighborhood Miramar
Belém - PA - Zip Code: 66.119-020

CNPJ: 01.903.750/0004-89
State Registration No.: 15.255.403-3
Phone: (91) 3258-1343
NIRE: 15900281289

Branch: Guarulhos - SP
Street Cecília Roizen, nº 151 - Neighborhood Cumbica
Guarulhos - SP - Zip Code: 07222-020

CNPJ: 01.903.750/0003-06
State Registration No.: 336.757.210.117
Phone: (11)2412-3301

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Companies BERTOLINI form a conglomerate of diversified businesses.


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