Fundada por Irani Bertolini em 22 de maio de 1978, a TBL completou 40 anos

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AIAPUA - Transportes Aiapuá Ltda.

Comprises the BERTOLINI Companies and specializes in transporting dangerous cargo, with all the legal certification required for this form of transportation. In light of its specialized and high risk nature, it operates independently. Its teams of transport professionals receives continuous training and specialized courses.

Headquarter: Manaus - AM

Av. Coronel Cyrillo Neves, 1010
Neighborhood Compensa - Manaus - AM
Zip Code: 69035-350
CNPJ: 07.486.882/0001-96
State Registration No.: 04.269.425-6
Phone: (92) 3671-0969

Branch: Belém - PA

Rodovia Arthur Bernardes, Km 14
nº 9804, sala 05
Neighborhood Tapanã - Belém - PA
Zip Code: 66.825-000
CNPJ: 07.486.882/0003-58
State Registration No.: 15.285.614-5
Phone: (91) 4006-5162

Branch: Guarulhos - SP

Street Gonçalves, 46, Galpão A
Neighborhood Cumbica - Guarulhos - SP
Zip Code: 07222-060 - CNPJ: 07.486.882/0002-77
State Registration No.: 336.769.770.111
Phone: (11) 2412-6603

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