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ADB - Airship do Brasil Ltda

Airship do Brasil Indústria Aeronáutica Ltda specializes in develop, manufacture, market and operate aircrafts using lighter than air (LTA) technology.

Located in São Carlos - São Paulo - ADB is a 100% Brazilian company belonging to Transportes Bertolini group. It is acknowledge for incorporating in their designs the most advanced technology. It is also has an office of Institutional Relations in Brasilia, DF.

Focused on developing lighter than air equipment, geared to cargo transport, infrastructure patrolling, sensing and monitoring services, Airship also offers services of logistical support, security, surveillance, advertising, airborne geophysics, meteorology and environment.

Brasília - DF
Phone: +55 (61) 3225-0112

São Carlos - SP
Street Rua Christiano Rodrigues Machado, 10 - Neighborhood JD Real
Guarulhos - SP - Zip Code: 13.567-350

Phone: +55 (16) 2106-8602 | (16) 2106-8603

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